Unicorn Dress Up with Craftables Glitter HTV

Made by Melli Unicorn Dress Up Craftables Glitter HTV

Hey, friends! I’m back with another fun unicorn tutorial. I mean.. who doesn’t love unicorns? My 6 year old daughter is obsessed! When Craftables contacted me about giving their heat transfer vinyl a try, I knew it would be a really fun twist on the all-felt Unicorn Mask I previously made.

Throw in a shirt customized with HTV, and it makes for the perfect “casual” dress-up.. just in time for Halloween!

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Keep reading to the bottom – I’ll be giving away a 12 pack of Glitter HTV & a Teflon Sheet from Craftables!

There are several brands of Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) available on the market, and it can be hard to know what works well and what doesn’t. I’ve used Siser, Cricut, & Silhouette heat transfer vinyl – all with success. I was excited about the opportunity to put another brand to the test!

Here are a few quick notes on Craftables Heat Transfer Vinyl:

  • It comes in several finishes – Smooth, Glitter, Foil & Glow in the Dark
  • You can order them by the sheet, or in multi-packs
  • Includes full color instruction sheets
  • Compatible with all cutting machines
  • Sheet size 9.8″ x 12″
  • Great price point – as low as $1.30 per sheet (Smooth Vinyl – 50 pack)
  • Easy to work with! It cut, weeded, & pressed very easily

I decided to give their glitter HTV a try, but I’m excited to try some of their other finishes in the future!

Here are the supplies you will need for this tutorial:

Download your free SVG and/or PDF templates →HERE & HERE

  1. If using your Cricut Maker to cut your felt, I used the rotary blade with the Felt setting, and adjusted the pressure to “More”.
  2. If using the PDF template to hand-cut your felt, print the PDF with no scaling & auto-rotate and trace the shape of the mask onto the wrong side of the felt. Cut 2 with sharp scissors or a rotary cutter.
  3. To cut your Heat Transfer Vinyl details, first download the SVG and upload the file into Design Space (or whatever program you use)
  4. Make sure you mirror the Heat Transfer Vinyl pieces! Don’t mirror the felt.
  5. When placing the HTV on the mat, always put it SHINY side down!
  6. I cut the Craftables Glitter HTV using the “Glitter Iron-On” setting. It worked perfectly!
  7. Weed your HTV. I pre-heated my Cricut Easy Press to 340°

8. I pressed my HTV details in layers. To do this, I pressed them one at a time, for 10 SECONDS EACH – which is half of the recommended time. Then I peeled off the carrier sheet while it was still hot. I used the teflon sheet on each press to protect the felt from being melted, and also to protect the previous layers of glitter HTV.

Once I had all layers of HTV applied to the felt, I placed the teflon sheet on top and pressed for the FULL time – 20 SECONDS. Then I flipped the mask over, placed the teflon sheet on top, and pressed again for the full time.

9. Take your blank mask piece and cut a small slit on either side to insert the ribbon.

Insert an 18″ piece of ribbon into each slit, and secure with your Fabri-Tac glue.

10. Then add glue all over the entire mask. Place the top layer of the mask over the bottom layer, sandwiching the ribbon in the middle. Let dry for at least an hour before wearing the mask.

Voila! Your mask is finished!!

Now to make our HTV “Unicorns are real” shirt to go with your mask!

  1. Upload the SVG into Design Space (or whatever program you use). I grouped the stars into 2 “Attached” sections, so they would cut into 2 different colors, and keep their layout. If you want to preserve materials, do not attach the stars together and they will cut all together. You will have to separate them and lay them out by hand before pressing.
  2. Make sure you MIRROR the design before cutting!
  3. Place the HTV on the mat SHINY side down.
  4. Weed the HTV.

5. Follow the same instructions as above to press your HTV onto your shirt in layers.

Your easy HTV Unicorn Dress-Up is complete!! This is such a fun & quick project and my daughter couldn’t have been more excited!

I was very impressed with the Craftables Glitter HTV and would definitely recommend it. It cut easily, weeded easily, and pressed onto the felt & the shirt without any issues!

Now, enter to win a 12 pack of Craftables Glitter HTV & a Craftables Teflon sheet so you can make your own!

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May the odds be ever in your favor!

Disclaimer: Craftables supplied the Glitter HTV, Teflon Sheet, Blank Shirt, and Felt for this project. All opinions and text are my own.

Made by Melli Unicorn Dress Up Craftables Glitter HTV

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