Sewing for Texas – Hurricane Harvey Relief

Sewing for Texas, Hurricane Harvey, Relief

Hello sewing friends!

I have been so overwhelmed by the support Kim of Sweet Red Poppy and I have had with our #sewingfortexas project. The online sewing community continually amazes me, and I know the people of Texas will appreciate our support!

I wanted to create a resource page so that you can find all of the information you need regarding this project all in one place.

We covered all (or most!) of this information in our Facebook Live, but we wanted it to be easier for you to find the information you need!

Here’s a quick overview of what we are doing:

  • Putting our sewing skills and fabric stashes to good use by sewing toddler sized drawstring backpacks and filling them with necessities for babies and small children.
  • We will be sending our donations to the Texas Diaper Bank, and are including approved items in our donations.
  • We may need to send donations to other small shelters, churches, and organizations based on how many bags we can gather!
  • We are rallying our troops – the sewing community – to sew along with us and provide some much needed relief.
  • We are especially wanting to focus on the young families, as that hits home for us. There is a need as well for adult diapers, and items for other demographics. Please donate what you would like, as long as it is an approved item!
  • PLEASE be aware of where you are sending your donations and what items they are accepting. The last thing we want to do is create more work for these relief organizations, or send items they cannot use or distribute effectively.

Here is a list to the resources and information you need!

► BAG TUTORIAL HERE →→ DIY Drawstring Backpack Tutorial from Sweet Red Poppy

Here is a video I put together showing the construction of the backpack:

Cut files for Iron-On Vinyl:

Texas themed cut files from Made for Mermaids. She is donating 100% of the proceeds to local Texas charities.

Erin Kaiser has designed a darling Texas Strong cut file that she is offering for free for those who are creating items to donate, or sell to raise cash donations. Please email her directly to receive the file! printedpetal (at) outlook (dot) com

Other tutorials we are using:

BibBurp ClothNewborn Hat (Disclaimer: Please make sure that whatever organization you are donating to can accept the items you want to donate before you make them!)

HERE is a list of acceptable donations from the Texas Diaper Bank. Please check their Facebook page for the most current information.

Where can I send my finished bags?

Riley Blake Designs has generously donated the fabric we used for our bags, as well as the giveaway items we gave away during our Live video. They have also offered to send a mass shipment of completed bags to Texas for us! Please have your bags to them by September 20, 2017.

Here is the address to ship your completed bags:

9646 South 500 West
Sandy, UT 84070
Attn: Sara – Social Media

We would like to thank Riley Blake Designs for their generosity in helping us with this project!

► Again, I would like to stress that you please check with the organization you plan to donate to, and only include items that are approved donations.

We have had a lot of concerns from people regarding these bags. Yes, the larger organizations, such as the Red Cross, are only wanting cash donations and/or blood donations. We don’t intend to create a problem for organizations who aren’t equipped to handle these types of items. We have found that there are several smaller organizations, churches, and shelters who are looking for donations of these types.

When you send your bag, it would be helpful if you could attach a tag or label to the outside, specifying what the contents are, diaper sizes, etc. We want to make this easy on the amazing volunteers who will receive our donations!

What if I can sew a bag but I can’t fill it?

We have had people offer to donate supplies, but can’t supply the bag. Please get in contact with me and we can figure something out.

It was also brought to my attention that there is an organization who is looking for bags only. You can find their information HERE under “Conroe” and then “Crisis Assistance Center”.

Kim and I would like to thank you again for the overwhelming amount of help, support, comments, shares, and donations we have received. It’s beautiful what a community can do when we work together towards a greater cause!

Please use these buttons below to share with anyone who’d like to help! 

Facebook Live Updates:

• Original Facebook Live

• Update #1

• Live Sewing Party

• Update #2




6 thoughts on “Sewing for Texas – Hurricane Harvey Relief

  1. Thank you for the video, it really helps a lot. Also I am making a few bags to begin with over this Labor day weekend, and I wanted to know is there a time frame to get them sent? I want to make as many as possible so I want to make sure they are still needed, which I am sure they are just wanted to make sure.
    Thank you so much for heading this project up and getting us who do sew the info we need.
    Shirl Garza

  2. This is a wonderful idea that you have created. Mother’s especially those in times of need always put their babies first. These bags will ease their minds and give them what they need and allow them to have hope that things will be okay. God bless you all. ♥️

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