Pattern Test: Hanna Dress Pattern by Wardrobe by Me


WBM Hanna Pattern Test by Made by Melli

Things have been a bit quiet here and on my Instagram, because CHRISTMAS. So many things to do, sew, wrap, make, shop for, etc. I know you know what I mean. So, I’m way late getting this post up about my first pattern test for Wardrobe by Me! But let me just tell you, I love this dress – which I did not necessarily expect to be the case! I don’t wear dresses very often. I have a hard time finding a fit that is flattering, comfortable, and long enough! I am not tall by any means, but I do like my dresses to hit in the middle of my knee or below. And the mom tummy squish – enough said!

When I saw the tester call for this dress, I knew I had to apply! Unless I have a pressing deadline, “self-care” sewing (a.k.a. selfish sewing) doesn’t often make it to the top of my priority list. And while I love sewing for my kids, it’s always nice to make something for little old me sometimes! And compared to them, my wardrobe is seriously lacking. So of course, I was absolutely thrilled when Christina messaged me on Facebook and offered me a testing spot. I gladly (and quickly) accepted.

Last winter when I was pregnant with JJ, I had big plans of creating myself a handmade maternity-wear wardrobe. I waited and waited for my energy to come back in the second trimester, and it never did. I purchased this drapey black knit with metallic gold studs from Joann’s with the intentions of turning it into a flowy maternity Christmas dress. Needless to say, that didn’t happen! I knew it would be perfect for the Hanna dress. It’s very flowy and fun, and a little bit fancy! I love it!

WDM Hanna Pattern Test by Made by Melli


One of my favorite details of this dress is the neckline. The back neckline is curved so that it will lay nicely, and I love the crossover V at the front! There are also small gathers under the bust to ensure a flattering fit for women. My second favorite feature is the gored skirt! There are 6 panels to the skirt that create a flattering, full, twirly skirt! It did wonders for helping to conceal the ever-loving mom squish! This pattern also has a top option, which I will have to make the time to try out! I would categorize this as an adventurous beginner/intermediate sewing level (especially based on the type of fabric you choose). Considering the current winter wonderland that is Utah, I chose to go with a long-sleeved version. There are 4 other sleeve length options included in the pattern, so you could literally wear this dress all year long!

WBM Hanna Pattern Test by Made by Melli

As with most adult-sized patterns, there are quite a few pages to print, assemble, and cut. But the end result is so worth it! This pattern also features a “layers” option, meaning you can choose your size, and then turn off the other size layers in Adobe Reader, so only the size you need will print! It saves printer ink and also saves you from accidentally cutting on the wrong line and having to re-print! The pattern instructions are written very clearly and include clean illustrations to aide those who are more visual (like myself!). The pattern itself went together easily, includes a 2″ square on the first page to ensure the correct scale, and it was a pretty quick and straightforward sew. I cut my fabric in the morning, and then sewed it up later that evening after the kids were in bed.



Based on the stretch, weight, and drape of my fabric, I chose to go down a size based on my bust measurement. I could have gone down another size and still had a comfortable fit, but this one fits great as well! I am really so happy with the finished product, and my hubby kept complimenting me on how nice it was and how great it looked on! That’s an automatic win in my book! And to top it off, I wore it to church a few days after finishing it and received many kind compliments there. Talk about a self-esteem boost!

This dress pattern is available in standard Women’s sizes 2-16, and Curvy Women’s sizes 14-24. I love patterns that are available in such a wide size range, making it so women of almost any size & shape can create themselves beautiful handmade clothing! Most of Christina’s patterns are available in Women’s sizes 2-16, but I know she is currently testing and extending the size range on some of her other patterns as well! I have my eye on a couple of her other patterns and have some big plans to add to my handmade wardrobe in the coming year!

I’m making a New Year’s goal to make more “self-care” sewing time, and mayyyybe even making a resolution to make all of my own clothes, rather than buying. That will be a post for another day (soon)! But for now, schedule a little “me time”, grab a pattern or two from Wardrobe by Me, and sew yourself something beautiful!



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