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FS Pattern Test MadebyMelli

I was recently chosen to test these unique and adorable baby patterns from Fresh Stitch Patterns. Kylie is the Australian designer behind Fresh Stitch Patterns, and has some fun, modern designs in her shop for babies, boys, and girls! If you’ve never sewn with her patterns before, go check them out!

For those who don’t know, JJ is my second son – which basically means that practically his entire wardrobe is made up of hand-me-downs from big brother! In most cases, that is a beautiful thing! But, JJ has grown a lot faster than Madden did. He is already wearing 12-months in store bought clothing, and Madden wore that size in the middle of the summer! I was thrilled to test these patterns, partially so I could beef up JJ’s winter wardrobe a little! This darling ensemble is a staple for every baby’s wardrobe, boy or girl! Gender neutral patterns are the best in my book – they will get used over and over again!

Made by Melli FS Pattern Test

The snap-shoulder t-shirt is a versatile top for any season based on the sleeve length you choose – short or long – and the type of fabric you use! The harem style seated panel pants are seriously the cutest addition to a basic baby outfit! Another bonus is that they work great for cloth-bums and disposable-diaper wearers. For my first attempt, I chose to use patterned fleece from Joann’s & a solid orange cotton/lycra blend from Girl Charlee*. It was a little bit of a risk because fleece is not one of the recommended fabrics for this pattern, but I really wanted (needed!) to make something super warm for JJ. It turned out PERFECT. I seriously love this outfit! Kylie also graciously offered her testers her Snap Beanie pattern (which was already available) in case we wanted to make one to coordinate with our outfits. YOU NEED THIS PATTERN! It is so unique and the fastest little hat to whip up! I’ve already made 3 of them for JJ and will probably make a dozen more!

MadebyMelli FS Pattern Test

Just a little disclaimer: The reason why fleece is not recommended is because it doesn’t have the drape needed for this style of pants. For the smaller babies who don’t walk, it’s not as noticeable and really not a big deal! But it isn’t recommended for walkers 🙂

For my second outfit, I went with recommended fabrics and used a cotton jersey blend vintage motorcycle print, and a cotton/spandex black and grey buffalo plaid knit fabric – both from Girl Charlee. This little outfit is perfectly comfortable, trendy, and reasonably warm for chilly weather! And that hat! I just die. I’ll be honest, he probably wears this outfit twice a week! And I’m totally ok with that.

If you are unsure about attaching the knit binding to the neckline or adding the elastic to the waistband, Kylie has posted some very helpful videos on her YouTube channel to walk you through the process! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be busting out adorable baby outfits like it’s your job! (maybe it is?)

FS PatternTest Collage copy

These patterns were actually released last week, so I’m a little late with my post. But lucky for you, they are still on sale! And even better, you can grab the top and pants in a bundle here for $6.95. Seriously! $6.95 for two must-have patterns! That really can’t be beat. The Snap Beanie is also currently marked down to $1.95 here. Go grab these amazing patterns and sew up some cute little outfits for every single baby you know!



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