Faux Leather Bows 4+ Ways with Tulip Bloom Supply

Made by Melli Faux Leather Bows with Tulip Bloom Supply & Cricut

Hi, friends! I’m on the blog today to share a tutorial for FOUR different style bows made out of faux leather & faux suede! These bows are so sweet, and I’ve seen similar bows pop up all over Instagram and Etsy! Being the DIY-er that I am – I love to figure out how I can make things myself, and I’m excited to share this tutorial with you today!

I found the cutest supply shop – Tulip Bloom – via Instagram, and fell in love with her selection! She has amazing faux leather in tons of finishes like metallic, smooth, textured, exclusive prints, and more. She also carries faux suede, wool felt, and wool blend felt. Additionally, she also sells hardware like clips, elastic, and my favorite – suede cord. So basically, almost everything you need to make some ADORABLE hair bows!

I had ordered from her previously on my own, and was so impressed with her speed and excellent customer service! I reached out to her about this tutorial and was thrilled that she wanted to work with me. She was kind enough to send the supplies used for this tutorial. I knew you guys would love what she has to offer and I’m excited to show you a little sampling of it!

Keep reading, because I’ll be sharing an exclusive coupon code AND you can to enter to win a Starter Pack of supplies from Tulip Bloom!

Made by Melli Faux Leather Bows with Tulip Bloom Supply & Cricut

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Supplies Needed:

Made by Melli Faux Leather Bows with Tulip Bloom Supply & Cricut

A note on the glue – I’ve done some trial and error with different types of adhesives, and consulted some pros. Hot glue will not hold permanently if you use it on the right  side of the faux leather, so I don’t recommend using it. Many of the “bow pros” use & recommend the Fabri-Tac I listed above. Please read the warning and precautions and use the glue according to the instructions. Safety first! I’ve also seen E6000 recommended but I opted not to use it because of the strong smell.

The Fabri-Tac does need time to dry, which is why you will see me using craft clips in the video to hold the pieces in place while the glue sets. I suggest drying for at least an hour before use.

Made by Melli Faux Leather Bows with Tulip Bloom Supply & Cricut

BTW, how darling are my daughter and my little niece together. I pretty much melted into a puddle while taking these photos!

Made by Melli Faux Leather Bows with Tulip Bloom Supply & Cricut

First things first, you will need to download the free pattern! You can find the free SVG cut file & printable PDF patterns →HERE.

If you will be using the printable PDF pattern, do not scale the pattern when printing. Print it out and cut your pattern pieces. They are labeled so you know which ones belong together! Trace the pattern piece(s) onto the back side of your faux leather, and cut using sharp scissors.
Made by Melli Faux Leather Bows with Tulip Bloom Supply & Cricut

If you are using your Cricut to cut your bows, download the SVG and upload the file into Cricut Design Space. It has all of the pieces laid out to cut 6 bows from one 8″x11″ sheet of faux leather. If you don’t want to cut all of them, select the layers you don’t want and click the “eye” icon to turn off the visibility.

Watch the following video to see the Cricut Maker cutting the bows, and see how to assemble your bows once they are cut! Scroll down to jump to a specific bow.

Please note that the video is sped up for ease of watching, including the portion where the Cricut Maker is cutting the materials.

Click Play to jump to Bow #1

Click Play to jump to Bow #2

Click Play to jump to Bow#3

Click Play to jump to Bow #4

These bows are simple & quick to make, and they look adorable on babies & older girls. They also make wonderful baby shower gifts!

I like to alternate using matching leather, contrasting leather, and suede cord for the centers of the bows. You can change up the look and make so many different combinations!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! And as always – if you make a project using this tutorial, please share it on social media and tag me! I truly enjoy seeing the projects you create!

Scroll left/right to see more of these bows in action on my daughter and some of my cute nieces! I did a variety of headbands and clips. Be sure to make it to the bottom of the post, where you’ll find an exclusive coupon code and an awesome giveaway!


Robin, the owner of Tulip Bloom Supply, offered a super generous coupon code for my readers so you can get started making your own bows!

Use the code “madebymelli” at checkout to receive 15% off your order, good through October 5, 2017. Valid once per customer.

Enter below to win this amazing prize pack ($25.50 value) from Tulip Bloom Supply, just in time for some adorable Halloween Bows!
Here is a list of what is included: 
Fuchsia Metallic Faux Leather, Witchcraft Chunky Glitter, Black Polka Dot Faux Leather, Neon Lime Chunky Glitter, Trick or Treat Faux Leather, Pickle Sparkle Faux Suede Cord & a 20 pack of 1.75″ alligator clips. Total value of $25.55 USD.

Tulip Bloom Supply Made by Melli Giveaway Faux Leather Prize Pack
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Made by Melli Faux Leather Bows with Tulip Bloom Supply & Cricut


15 thoughts on “Faux Leather Bows 4+ Ways with Tulip Bloom Supply

  1. Love these tutorials!! TB is our go to fabric shop. It’s super hard to pick a specific favorite from the shop, but I always adore her custom faux leather print selection!

  2. Hi Melli,

    My husband just surprised me with a Cricut Maker today as an early Christmas gift. To say I am beyond excited is an understatement! I was struggling so much making my faux leather bows with my regular Cricut Explore so I am hoping the Maker will make it much easier. Can you please be so kind to share what settings and what blade you are using with the maker to cut your bows? I see that you turned your faux leather canvas sheet right side down, as well, correct? I LOVE tulip bloom and shop from her site a lot. I am actually attempting to cut my first bow with the maker using one of her sheets. Thank you so much! I am so, so glad I found your tutorials on YouTube, they are so great!

    1. Hi Gabriella! That is so exciting, what an awesome husband 🙂 I used the “Heavy fabrics like Denim” setting, and I used the Rotary Blade. I did also stick the faux leather sheet right side down, it seemed to stick better! Thank you so much for checking out my tutorial and video, let me know if you have any other questions!

  3. Thank you so much for your tutorial! I’m excited to try this for my baby girl.

    It may be a silly question, but what are you using to wrap around your bows to hold them together (prior to wrapping the leather or suede cord around as a finish). Is this just string?

  4. Hi there. I was wondering what the string? Is that you use to hold the bow together prior to flying the fabric strip around it.

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