Dive Into Dolmans – Shwin Day Tripper

Shwin Designs Day Tripper Sewn by Made by Melli

Happy Dolman Thursday! For week 4 of the Dive Into Dolmans Blog Tour, I have sewn up a Day Tripper Top – pattern by Shwin Designs. Spoiler Alert – this one is absolutely my favorite! I have actually owned this pattern for a little while. I picked it up during last year’s Black Friday sale (who can resist those deals!?) but I hadn’t made the time to sew one up.. until now! And if you’re wondering.. yes, I am totally kicking myself for waiting this long! One of the main purposes of this blog tour is to figure out (and share) which dolman pattern is best suited for different body types. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that, so far, this is the most flattering on my body type. According to my research, I have an “apple” body type. Basically – I carry most of my weight in my midsection, have little to no waist definition, and narrow hips. If this sounds like you, then run and grab this pattern STAT! 🙂

Here are all of the details in our handy dandy chart:

Sizes XXS-XL (Bust 30″-44″)
Printable pattern pages/copy shop version 20
Skill Level Beginner
Measurements for Rectangle Pieces No
Line Drawings No
Size made XL
Options chosen Short Sleeve, 28″ length
Fabric Requirement for your size 2 yards
Measurement Chart Bust, Hip, Finished Measurements
Cutting Instructions Yes
Pattern Printing Layout Yes
Cutting Layout No
Suggested Fabrics Knits or Lightweight Wovens
Layer Printing Option No
Neck Line Options Neck Binding
Sleeve Options Short or Long
Hem Options 24″, 26″, or 28″ Hi-Low Hem
Color Blocking no
Seam Allowance 3/8″
Hem Allowance N/A – Hem Band
Separate add-on pack No
Fit Loose at bust, semi-fitted at hip
Easy to read instructions Yes
Drawing or photograph instructions Color Photographs

Shwin Designs Day Tripper Sewn by Made by Melli

There are several things that drew my attention towards the Day Tripper. The comfy, relaxed fit. The stylish hi-low hemline. And it’s suitable for wovens! What!? Most of the dolman patterns I’ve seen are only suitable for knit fabrics, so this just opens up a whole new realm of possibilities! So what did I do? I decided to mix it up. I chose a lightweight woven front (Chambray Denim Dot), and a lovely floral ponte de roma knit for the back. Both of these beautiful fabrics are from one of my favorite fabric shops – LA Finch Fabrics.

Shwin Designs Day Tripper Sewn by Made by Melli

This new-favorite-shirt of mine is business in the front, and a gorgeous garden party in the back! The chambray front has a little more structure, while the knit back is comfy and offers a little more wearing ease. It’s super flattering, comfortable, and I think it’s pretty cute! There are 3 length cut lines included on the pattern. I couldn’t find anything in the tutorial that referenced how to decide on which length to choose. I cut the longest length, held it up to my body, and determined it would be great! I’m not super tall by any means (quite average actually, 5’4″) but I wanted the length for booty coverage so I could wear it with my ultra-comfortable Peg Legs!

Shwin Designs Day Tripper Sewn by Made by Melli

One of the major pro’s of dolman sleeved patterns is how quickly they sew up. Add in a banded hem and banded sleeves, and this is a lightning fast shirt to put together! The neckband installation was a little different than I have done before, but it was easy enough and is finished beautifully with enclosed seams. The tutorial was easy to follow, and has full color photos for each step. In addition to the regular tutorial, there is a section at the front containing “Tips and Terms for Sewing the Pattern”, “Tips for working with Knits”, and “Selecting the Perfect Size” including an illustration for blending sizes. This is great for those who are newer to sewing, new to using PDF patterns, and/or new to working with knits. Maybe you’re not new, but you just need a little refresher! There is a lot of valuable information included!

Shwin Designs Day Tripper Sewn by Made by Melli

While the printable pages aren’t “no-trim” or layered, it was easy to assemble and all of the pages went together perfectly. It was also super easy to determine which line to cut on since they are computer drafted and color coded. As an added bonus, there is a kids version of this pattern called the Apple Loungewear set. It’s totally adorable, and it doesn’t get much better than Mommy & Me twinning outfits! One advantage that other dolman patterns have on the Day Tripper is the size range. I have a 44″ bust, which is the very top of the size range for this pattern. Unfortunately this pattern won’t work for the plus sized sewists out there.

Overall, I would fully recommend this comfortable, flattering dolman top pattern to anyone (especially all of my apple shaped ladies!). Like I mentioned before, this is hands down my favorite top so far. Like favorite ever, not just for the blog tour! I see many more Day Trippers in my future! Don’t forget that there is a long sleeve option for those in other currently-colder parts of the world. Or for me.. when the Utah winter decides to comes back!

The Day Tripper pattern is actually the pattern of the month right now over at Shwin Designs! So you can use the code DAYTRIP to take $3 off the pattern! For pattern support, inspiration, and to stay up to date with Shwin Designs, head over and join the Shwin Designs Pattern Group on Facebook.

Shauna (the mastermind behind Shwin Designs) has also generously offered to giveaway a pattern to one of you lovely readers! Check out the Rafflecopter below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Well, that’s all you’re getting from me today 🙂 Make sure to click the links below to see other dolman pattern reviews by my lovely co-bloggers and our guest blogger of the day!

Shwin Designs Day Tripper Sewn by Made by Melli
See how happy I am about my new shirt? 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Dive Into Dolmans – Shwin Day Tripper

  1. Oh Melli, I can’t tell you how much I love this!!! So cute and your pics are darling! The Daytripper has been a go-to of mine and I’m so happy you love it too!

  2. I have this pattern and absolutely love it! The neck binding is so awesome and comes out perfectly every time! I’ve made tons of these.

  3. It never occurred to me that a dolman could work with woven fabric. I think I’d do a knit front for easier bust accommodation, and a woven back. Yours is very cute!

  4. SO CUTE! I am definitely in the new to sewing knits category so I would probably do a combo just to get my feet wet before jumping in to all knit!

  5. I would love to mix knits and wovens! I have eyed this pattern so much, but my 45″ bust says don’t do it…might have to try anyway!

    1. You are so close, that I would just go for it! the finished measurement of the bust is 48″, so there’s quite a bit of ease! It would just be a little less ease than normal! Or you could just adjust the pattern slightly. 🙂

  6. Love the shirt you made. I think I’d probably use a combo of knit and woven to get both the comfy and the more finished look.

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